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Noun1.Mugilidae - grey mullets
fish family - any of various families of fish
Mugiloidea, suborder Mugiloidea - fishes distinguished by abdominal pelvic fins: families Mugilidae; Atherinidae; Sphyraenidae
gray mullet, grey mullet, mullet - freshwater or coastal food fishes a spindle-shaped body; found worldwide
genus Mugil, Mugil - type genus of the Mugilidae: mullets
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niloticus Atherinopsidae Menidia jordani Peripheral Translocated Mugilidae Agonostomus monticola Peripheral Atlantic Goodeidae Goodea atripinnis * Secondary Neotropical Poeciliidae Heterandria jonesii * Secondary Neotropical Poecilia mexicana Secondary Neotropical Poeciliopsis gracilis * Secondary Translocated Xiphophorus hellerii * Secondary Translocated Table 2--Sampling sites and relative abundances of fishes collected in Reserva de la Biosfera Barranca de Metztitlan, Hidalgo, Mexico.
Liza abu [13] is a species of the Mugilidae family that goes to the sea for the completion of its reproduction cycle.
families Atherinopsidae, Carangidae, Gerreidae, Haemulidae, Mugilidae, and Sparidae).
chrysoterum; 72% target deepwater snappers such as silk and queen, Etelis oculatus, snappers; 65% target pelagic species such as dolphinfish, Coryphaena hippurus; king mackerel, Scomberomorus cavalla; and little tunny, Euthynnus alletteratus; and 53% target baitfish such as herring, Opisthonema oglinum; mullets, Mugilidae spp.
Mangrove-dependent demersal fish include those belonging to the Clupeidae, Chanidae, Ariidae, Pltosidae, Mugilidae, Lujanidae, and Latidae families.