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1. A person who acts independently or remains neutral, especially in politics.
2. often Mugwump A Republican who bolted the party in 1884, refusing to support presidential candidate James G. Blaine.

[Massachusett mugguomp, mummugguomp, war leader.]

mug′wump′er·y n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a neutral or independent person, esp in politics
[C19: from Algonquian: great chief, from mogki great + -omp man]
ˈmugˌwumpery, ˈmugˌwumpism n
ˈmugˌwumpish adj



1. a Republican who refused to support the party nominee, James G. Blaine, in the presidential campaign of 1884.
2. a person who takes an independent position.
[1830–35, Amer.; artificial 19th-century revival of Massachusett (E sp.) mugquomp, syncopated form of muggumquomp war leader]


A person who remains independent or neutral in politics.
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Noun1.Mugwump - someone who bolted from the Republican Party during the U.S. presidential election of 1884
pol, political leader, politico, politician - a person active in party politics
2.mugwump - a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)mugwump - a neutral or uncommitted person (especially in politics)
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
individualist - a person who pursues independent thought or action


[ˈmʌgwʌmp] N (US) → votante mf independiente


n (US Pol) → Unabhängige(r) mf
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I thought it would be easier Donald Trump admits his first 100 days in power have not been plain sailing I apologise to mugwumps everywhere for inadvertently comparing them to Jeremy Corbyn Boris Johnson shrugs off Labour accusations of name calling Moments like this make it worth it Matthew Rees sacrifices his own time to help fellow London Marathon runner David Wyeth across the line.
Mugwumps, Peter says, are people who investigated corruption in New York City's Tammany Hall.
It also features in the 1959 William Burroughs novel, Naked Lunch, where mugwumps are an alien species.
Shiro Cosmetics, a makeup company located at Oregon, flaunted its Harry Potter-themed 'Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles' lineup.
Republicans who remained loyal to their party accused the bolters of a supercilious attitude and nicknamed them mugwumps.
The desire to overcome moral laxity animated the Mugwumps in the 1880s and the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883--but with the decline of patronage came more sophisticated forms of corruption, primarily through business-political alliances in finance, railroads, manufacturing, and agriculture.
Because Rutter was a teetotaler, nonsmoker, and ardent Republican (or Mugwumps faction at that time), he aligned perfectly with Jordan, Gilbert, and other like-minded Stanford faculty.
Our tobacco has been specially treated to remove its hallucinogenic properties, while, one might say "hopped up" hallucinogens such as crack cocaine, STP, and MDA are designed (and here we must wonder whether Mugwumps really exist) with the precise view in mind that they form an addiction in the user quickly and in a manner as debilitating as inextricable.
Wheneer Mugwumps (and I am one, except when I am not) decry the incivility of political discourse, some pedant can be counted on to drag out those "mackerel by moonlight" insults that filled the partisan press back in the day when Americans lived in a republic.
The pedigree of moderate conservatism goes back to the Mugwumps, the anticorruption Republican East Coast gentry who, during the 1884 presidential election, fled the Republican Party en masse, throwing their support to Democrat Grover Cleveland rather than support a Republican nominee with suspect financial connections.
But the readers were also the active architects of modern corporate America, the managers and professionals, and they felt more comfortable with modern change, unlike the stuffy mugwumps who read the old genteel monthlies.
JUNCTION CITY - The Mugwumps have come back to Junction City.