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On my first trip there in 2007, the park ranger who was my guide told me that he would take us to see Muir Glacier.
After the grounding of Muir Glacier in the East Arm of Glacier Bay around 1993 (Hall et al.
Some of those may suffer the fate of the Muir Glacier, which 30 years ago was like the Johns Hopkins: spewing bergs into the sea, attracting seals to birth pups on those bergs, safe from brown bears and orcas.
The itinerary includes three full days exploring inside Glacier Bay National Park including the lesser visited but equally spectacular East Arm with McBride Glacier and Muir Glacier.
Called Fragile Earth, the app for iPhone and iPad shows how our planet is impacted by global warming by featuring more than 70 sites such the receding Muir Glacier in Alaska, the impact of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the draining of the Mesopotamia Marshes in Iraq.
The first ice worms were discovered in Alaska's Muir Glacier in 1887.
Kayaking the Inside Passage; a paddling guide from Olympia, Washington to Muir Glacier, Alaska.