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a. A rich pungent Arabian coffee.
b. Coffee of high quality.
c. A coffee beverage flavored with milk, sugar, and cocoa.
d. A serving of any of these beverages.
2. A flavoring made of coffee mixed with chocolate.
3. A soft, thin, suede-finished glove leather usually made from sheepskin.
4. A dark olive brown.

[After Mocha, a town of southwest Yemen.]

mo′cha adj.


1. (Cookery) a strongly flavoured dark brown coffee originally imported from Arabia
2. (Cookery) a flavouring made from coffee and chocolate
3. (Tanning) a soft glove leather with a suede finish, made from goatskin or sheepskin
4. (Colours)
a. a dark brown colour
b. (as adjective): mocha shoes.


(ˈmɒkə) or


(Placename) a port in Yemen, on the Red Sea; in the former North Yemen until 1990: formerly important for the export of Arabian coffee. Pop: 14 562 (2005 est)


(ˈmoʊ kə)

1. (cap.) Also, Mukha. a seaport in the Republic of Yemen, on the Red Sea. 25,000.
2. a choice variety of coffee, orig. grown in Arabia.
3. a flavoring obtained by blending coffee with chocolate.
4. a brownish chocolate color.
5. a fine grade of soft leather with a suedelike finish.
[1765–75 for definition 2]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.mocha - soft suede glove leather from goatskinmocha - soft suede glove leather from goatskin
leather - an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
2.mocha - a flavoring made from coffee mixed with chocolatemocha - a flavoring made from coffee mixed with chocolate
flavorer, flavoring, flavourer, flavouring, seasoning, seasoner - something added to food primarily for the savor it imparts
3.mocha - a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabiamocha - a superior dark coffee made from beans from Arabia
coffee, java - a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; "he ordered a cup of coffee"
4.mocha - a dark brown color
brown, brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation


[ˈmɒkə] Nmoca m


nMokka m
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ytha, which the Maitrayani Samhita (2,13,20) ascribes to Varuna, may have represented the mouth of the heavenly crocodile discussed below; mukha 'mouth' also denotes 'beginning' and is used of the first asterism.
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