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n.1.A woman.
2.(Law) Lawful issue born in wedlock, in distinction from an elder brother born of the same parents before their marriage; a lawful son.
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His wife, a mulier fortis, taunted him to deny his God.
Sed sciendum quod nulla mulier habet aliquem predictorum ordinum, sed quia non fuit tutum quod diaconi ingrederentur chorum monialium et ibi legerent evangelium, permissum fuit ab ecclesia quod aliqua monialium legeret ibi evangelium sine omni ordine.
Hiera fuit, uxor Telephi, mulier omnium (quas Prothesilaus vidit) maxima atque pulcherrima.
Caption: The "Keeping End-of-Life Equipment Going" production panel included (from left): Julius Neto, production and transportation director, Hartford Courant; Tom Riley, director of maintenance and facilities, Philadelphia Media Network; Dave Pressler, vice president of production, Houston Chronicle-, and moderator Dan Cropley, solutions manager for newspapers and commercial inserting, Mulier Martini.
En esta obra, Unamuno dedico un espacio a explicar que la idea popular de que Dios es un hombre se debe a que la humanidad aparece escindida entre masculino y femenino, entre vir y mulier, y que eso mismo conduce a la "mariolatria".
The Mulier Mediatrix in the Deus Amanz of Marie de France.
As with each of the subsequent chapters, the chosen texts are a heterogeneous lot: the anonymous pamphlets Hic Mulier and Haec Vir; the episode in book 5 of Spenser's The Faerie Queene in which Britomart encounters the crossdressed Artegall in Radigund's service; Chapman's 1611 comedy May Day; and a mid-seventeenth-century ballad titled 'Robin Hood and the Bishop'.
Also, as a part of the creative strategy for the apparel and accessories business, Calvin Klein announced the appointment of Pieter Mulier as creative director, reporting directly to Simons.
In addition, Calvin Klein announced the appointment of Pieter Mulier as creative director who will report directly to Simons.
Mulier, duodevicesimum annum agens, se praegnantem esse percepit quare propter suasiones parentum et amicorum iuvenes unicum remedium sistere in matrimonii celebratione decreverunt.
This concluding insult against the male speaker of Epode 8 forecasts the upper hand that the mulier of Epode 12 will hold over the speaker in a second episode of sexual embarrassment.