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n.1.A woman.
2.(Law) Lawful issue born in wedlock, in distinction from an elder brother born of the same parents before their marriage; a lawful son.
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In the last verse, Christ finally spoke to the woman in non-figurative language, reversed himself, and acclaimed her faith with "O mulier, magna est fides tua.
humano capiti cervicem pictor equinam iungere si velit et varias inducere plumas undique collatis membris ut turpiter atrum desinat in piscem mulier formosa superne, spectatum admissi risum teneatis, amici?
Alan Leiman finished second with 9,120 votes, followed by Chris Bevans with 1,098, George Derr with 979, and Vincent Mulier with 754.
Mulier Institute for Social Science Sports research.
During his visit, Bin Sulayem met Marcel Mulier, Manager Corporate Affairs Havenbeheer Suriname (Suriname Port Authority).
The Renaissance (Quattocento and Cinquecento) notion of woman depended on the ancient perception and definition of "femina: imperfectior mare (woman: inferior male)," or in vulgate texts equivalent to the words mulier (wife) and femina (woman).
In addition, the Company announces the grant to Mulier Capital Limited of warrants over 462,963 Silence Therapeutics plc Ordinary Shares of 1p each.
Wiseman promised to present Clodia "in her own terms, using the evidence of Cicero with the greatest cicumspection" (4) in the opening part of the essay and went ahead to construct her character around four key phrases in Cicero's speech: mulier nobilis (noble lady), nobelium ludi (actress), mulier potens (powerful woman), and immodeta mulier (immodest woman).
Quantus mulier foret una triumphus, Ductus erat per quas ante Iugurtha vias
Mulier, Skeletal fixation of implants by bone ingrowth into surface pores, Arch.
novissime quo pacto, quanquam ex unguiculis perpruriscens, mulier tam vastum genitale susciperet.