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a.1.(Anat.) Of, pertaining to, or discovered by, Johannes Müller.
Müllerian ducts
(Anat.) a pair of embryonic ducts which give rise to the genital passages in the female, but disappear in the male.
Müllerian fibers
(Anat.) the sustentacular or connective-tissue fibers which form the framework of the retina.
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Other than trauma to gravid uterus, the etiological factors leading to Asherman's syndrome are mullerian duct malformation, genital tuberculosis, insertion of intrauterine device and uterine surgery like caesarian section, diagnostic curettage, myomectomy, hysteroscopy surgery, etc.
The DITTO (Dehydroepiandrosterone Intervention to Treat Ovarian Aging) study used the same 75-mg daily dose of DHEA for up to 16 weeks (median, 12 weeks) before egg collection in 60 women, aged 23-43 years, with diminished ovarian reserve (antral follicle count <10 or serum Mullerian hormone level <5 pmol/ L).
We report for the first time a different variation of urethral duplication accompanied by mid-penile hypospadias, penile chordee, and parameatal cyst; moreover, we believe that the etiology of the these anomalies is the abnormal Mullerian duct termination.
2] Recently, a case report indicated spontaneous UR at 32 weeks' gestation in a patient with an unrecognised Mullerian tract anomaly.
A biopsy of the recently discovered pelvic mass disclosed a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of Mullerian origin.
An immunoassay to detect human Mullerian inhibiting substance in males and females during normal development.
Anti- Mullerian Hormone ( AMH) is a hormone secreted by cells in developing egg sacs ( follicles).
Urinary Calcium, Aca (Anticardiolipin Antibodies), Acid Phosphatase, Allergy Test, Anti Ds Dna, Anti Mullerian Harmone, Apl ( Antiphosphilipid Antibodies), Blood Culture & Sensitivityfor Anaerobic Organisum, Blood Culture & Sensitivity For Aerobic Organisum, Blood Gas Analysis Etc
Obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, reproductive endocrinology, pathology, and other specialists from the US, France, and Israel discuss normal ovarian function, how steroid hormones work, and abnormalities resulting in clinical syndromes, benign neoplasia, and cancer, including the origin of ovarian cancers, the role of other Mullerian tissues, various neoplasms, the role of endometriosis, menopause and the aging ovary, and infertility.
The majority of tumors had an endometrioid histology, either pure or mixed, and 14% of the LS patients had nonendometrioid tumors (3 patients with clear cell carcinoma, 3 with uterine papillary serous carcinomas with a clear cell component, and 1 with malignant mixed Mullerian tumor), all of which had MSH2 mutations.
17 alpha-hydroxylase deficiency syndrome associated with bilateral streak gonads and impaired development of Mullerian ducts derivatives.
The list of entities he described is remarkable: juvenile granulosa cell tumor, sclerosing stromal tumor, retiform Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor, small cell carcinoma of the hypercalcemic type, luteinized thecoma associated with sclerosing peritonitis, and Mullerian mucinous borderline tumors.