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Adj.1.multi-ethnic - involving several ethnic groups
social - living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups; "a human being is a social animal"; "mature social behavior"
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In the last 50 years, the people of Mauritius have created a democratic, plural and multiethnic society laced with high optimism and progress.
He said resolving the name dispute is crucial for Macedonia to join Nato, but urged the country to improve the rule of law, build good relations with neighbouring nations and develop a multiethnic society.
The Russian representative further said that Pristina's policy aimed at building a multiethnic society had failed, that the "Kosovo project continues to fail" and that there was serious concern regarding the situation in the rule of law and the struggle against corruption, as well as regarding the spreading of radicalism and terrorism.
These guidelines would take the country down a road of prosperity as a unitary, prosperous, united and economically developed country and as a cohesive, multiethnic society, Utrinski vesnik reports.
Blue, Black, and White tells the story of the relationship between Seretse Khama, the first democratically elected president of an independent Botswana, and his white, British-born wife, Ruth, and how that relationship formed a model for Botswana's own multicultural, multiethnic society.
But in holding up Singapore as model for the Philippines, we may lose sight of its own challenges and problems: social cohesion amid a multiethnic society, income inequality, allegations of cronyism, among many others.
In a multiethnic society, discrimination by the state on the basis of creed is lethal.
Vijaya believed in a multiethnic society and in devolution of power.
We all know that Bosnia-Herzegovina before the war was the image of a multiethnic society (Constitution of ex JFRJ, 1974).
History demonstrates that ethnic privilege ultimately fails in a multiethnic society.
I personally feel that in a multicultural and multiethnic society, like ours, we cannot pass on these glorious traditions to our coming generations simply by oral rendition.
Lee's premise, from which he never departed, was that, especially in a multiethnic society such as Singapore, a meritocratic elite must impose social harmony from above.