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n.1.A combined rotary type-setting and printing machine for office use. The type is transferred semi-automatically by means of keys from a type-supply drum to a printing drum. The printing may be done by means of an inked ribbon to print "typewritten" letters, or directly from inked type or a stereotype plate, as in a printing press.
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Since the network is created as a multigraph, two countries may establish more than one connection per year.
A weighted multigraph is given by a multigraph together with a weight function, which associates to each edge e a nonnegative integer w(e).
11 Definition [22] In a multigraph no loop are allowed but more than one edge can join two vertices, these edges are called multiple edges or parallel edges and a graph is called multigraph.
Tang, "Unified video annotation via multigraph learning," in Proc.
According to the chosen methodology the considered device model represented with MKG should form a multigraph [5].
Game high voltage cables that includes two cables and related accessories to be installed in the x-ray machine for linear blurring tomography with elliptical and spiral sografia also circular multigraph and x-ray generator
Note that even though G is a simple digraph, GV can be a directed multigraph, i.
The irregularity strength can be interpreted as the smallest integer for which can be turned into a multigraph by replacing each edge by a set of at most parallel edges, such that the degrees of the vertices in are all different.
The association graph and the multigraph for loglinear models.
The infrastructure of the entire network of the region, summarized in such a way may be presented as a multigraph [G.