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n.1.A combined rotary type-setting and printing machine for office use. The type is transferred semi-automatically by means of keys from a type-supply drum to a printing drum. The printing may be done by means of an inked ribbon to print "typewritten" letters, or directly from inked type or a stereotype plate, as in a printing press.
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4 Let G be a finite connected multigraph whose edges are labeled by colors in [d].
Game high voltage cables that includes two cables and related accessories to be installed in the x-ray machine for linear blurring tomography with elliptical and spiral sografia also circular multigraph and x-ray generator
New Audience Discovery Tools Leverage Multigraph Technology
Note that even though G is a simple digraph, GV can be a directed multigraph, i.
The association graph and the multigraph for loglinear models.
2 (Petri net graph): A Petri net graph G is a bipartite directed multigraph, G = (V, A), where V = {[v.
Assume initially that we are given a multigraph G(V E) with n vertices and m edges.
Podhajny joined Addressograph Multigraph, which had a state-of-the-art lab but was beginning its industry decline.
The model of objectives (CREAM-O) is represented by the multigraph (O, P, [P.
In view of this, we introduce a multigraph instead of a graph for the affine 0-Bruhat order, since we want to keep track of the distinct a, b such that u < 0 u[t.
Ridgeway spent ten years each in technical and management roles of increasing responsibility at Kalle Infotec Limited and Addressograph Multigraph Limited.