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n.1.(Zool.) Any mollusk which has a shell composed of more than two pieces.
a.1.Having many valves.
2.(Zool.) Many-valved; having more than two valves; - said of certain shells, as the chitons.
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The contract includes two types of services A) service loading, transport and unloading equipment through a step-deck or flatbed lorry with rear tail lift or flatbed truck with a bucket octopus multivalve (spider) magazine of urban and special waste, hazardous and non-hazardous products to members of public, private , Ecological Stations and Collection Centres operated by Quadrifoglio SpA;B) equipment rental demountable and non-compacting.
The limitations of this approach are that the parametric relationship of inlet model curves and its surfaces is inexistence, and just only the local structure area can be adjusted, so that it restricts the design and development of innovative inlet port types, especially restraining the application and evolution of the multivalve technology on the traditional engine.
2 engine ensures it is a very useable unit which is easy to live with and not harsh or hard on the ears because it''s not a multivalve engine.
8 multivalve engine goes into each, but while the lower powered unit produces 140bhp, the top model has an extra 50bhp - and not a turbocharger in sight.
Dean Mason and John Ross had to figure out complex congenital heart diseases or multivalve heart disease or the "new" disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
To keep plants irrigated automatically, you could install a highly efficient, multivalve automatic irrigation system.
It goes on sale with a petrol version - the multivalve 1.
The ChromPeak Detection Option and MultiValve Controller automates prep chromatography applications.
5-liter 215-horsepower multivalve overhead cam V-6.
The new 50/50 joint venture will manufacture multivalve engines in the range of 1.
In order to maintain acceptable power output, automobile manufacturers are making extensive use of multivalve engines (MVEs) which allow higher specific output for a given size compared to a traditional two-valve engine.
CAFE (Corporate Average Fleet Efficiency) requirements, environmental considerations, Asian competition (high performance, multivalve engines, etc.