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A preparation containing many vitamins.
Containing many vitamins.


(Pharmacology) containing several vitamins
(Pharmacology) a preparation, usually in tablet form, containing several vitamins


(ˌmʌl tɪˈvaɪ tə mɪn, ˈmʌl tɪˌvaɪ-)

1. containing or consisting of several vitamins.
2. a compound of several vitamins.
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Noun1.multivitamin - a pill or tablet containing several vitamins
vitamin pill - a pill containing one or more vitamins; taken as a dietary supplement
vitamin - any of a group of organic substances essential in small quantities to normal metabolism


adj multivitamínico; n multivitamínico, polivitamínico (Esp)
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The vast majority of consumers recognize that multivitamins, calcium and/or vitamin D supplements can help fill nutrient gaps but should not be viewed as replacements for a healthy diet, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN).
Multivitamins containing iron are widely used to supply vitamins and iron which are not consumed through diet.
Best-selling multivitamins miss their vitamin label claims by an average 22 percent
Contrast that with the results of another observational study published in 2011, which found that the mortality rate was significantly higher by 6% in people who took multivitamins than in people who did not take multivitamins.
Women who reported using multivitamins at any time over the course of follow-up had a 14% lower risk of colorectal adenoma than non-users.
William Christen, ScD, the study's lead author and researcher from Harvard Medical School, said that if multivitamins really do reduce the risk of cataract, even by a modest 10 percent, this rather small reduction would nonetheless have a large public health impact.
Daily multivitamins didn't slow age-related cognitive decline, according to a multiyear, placebo-controlled study of almost 6,000 elderly male physicians.
HIV-positive people who take multivitamins plus selenium fend off the virus better than those who don't take the supplements, researchers report in the Nov.
The studies released Monday are the latest to test if multivitamins might go that extra step and concluded they don't.
Yet a handful of headlines have made multivitamins sound dangerous.
5 Disney Multivitamin Gummies (Holland & Barrett) These yummy multivitamins are a fun way to help keep your little one's engine running.
This study suggests, at least for men, that there might be benefits to taking multivitamins in terms of cancer as well," said Dr.