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A style of vocal percussion associated with hip-hop in which sounds produced in the vocal tract are used to create funk rhythms.

[From beatbox, from a notion likening a vocal percussionist to a drum machine.]


a form of hip-hop music in which the voice is used to simulate percussion instruments
ˈbeatˌboxer n
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Albazei pointed to the stylistic shifts in Frankenstein in Baghdad, which created a multivocalism that was "capable of expressing the state of Iraq," he said.
This poem reveals Ginsberg's rejection of Jewish monotheism as univocalism, and his embrace of religious syncretism and polytheistic Eastern belief systems, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, as needed multivocalism.
While we embrace what I have called the dappled blessings of Jewish multivocalism, today we encounter segments of the world's populations that are all too eager to paint a uniformly demonic face on international Jewry.