mama's boy

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ma·ma's boy

A boy or man who is considered to be overly close to his mother and often timid or overprotected.

ma′ma's boy`

a boy or man excessively dependent on his mother.
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Noun1.mama's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mothermama's boy - a boy excessively attached to his mother; lacking normal masculine interests
son, boy - a male human offspring; "their son became a famous judge"; "his boy is taller than he is"
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He likes to cuddle up on my bed and is definitely a mummy's boy.
Even though he's said yes, Carla is still fretting over how Gail will react, and whether or not her Mummy's boy will have second thoughts.
Mummy's boy James, 27, will need to grow up fast when partner Gina, 27, has their baby.
MUMMY'S BOY With Mbeli and, below, little brother Frala is cradled by his mother
MUMMY'S boy Cristiano Ronaldo is funding monthly trips for his mother and her three pals to play boules on a paradise island beach.
The insider asserted that the teen icon is a real mummy's boy and she would be devastated if that ever changed.
Declan was such a mummy's boy and we would phone each other up to ten times every day.
A self-proclaimed mummy's boy, English expat Ian Brookstein says becoming an adult hasn't hampered his ability to get his mum to do whatever he wants her to.
All the lights started to go off after the video was shown and several girls later told me it was because I came across like a mummy's boy.
One Direction's Harry is reportedly a mummy's boy, and calls her up to five times a day on tour to say he loves her.
She's obviously succeeded where I have failed, digging the knife in even further by declaring he's a mummy's boy.
More recently, he's had time to peS n his autobiography, Mummy's Boy, charting a life which has had more twists and turns than an EastEnders plot.