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 (mə-rä′də-bäd′, môr′ə-də-băd′)
A city of north-central India east of Delhi, founded in 1625.


(Placename) a city in N India, in N Uttar Pradesh. Pop: 641 240 (2001)


(ˌmɔr ə dəˈbæd, ˌmoʊr-, məˈrɑ dəˌbɑd)

a city in N Uttar Pradesh, in N India. 429,214.
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Azharuddin has been active in the Congress since 2009 when he was elected Lok Sabha member for Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh.
The 21-year old Pushpa (Name changed) hailing from Bihar's Lakhisaray had fought with her parents and went to Muradabad to marry her boyfriend, when the latter demanded a sum of Rs 1,80,000.
Locals claim that for years, various localities including Bismillah Homes, Muradabad, Khayaban-i-Asad, Farooq Colony, Cheema Colony, Shamsher Town, Sultan Colony, Johar Colony, Model Town, Garden Town, Zafar Colony, Old city blocks, Kalyar Town have been facing the problems of blocked and overflowing gutters.
Chautala can play a similar role in Saharanpur, Shahjahanpur, Meerut, Muradabad, Pilibhit and other Jat dominant districts.
FAISALABAD -- At least 137 people including 80 children were rushed to hospital when they fell ill after consuming toxic milk from a shop at Muradabad.
Masjid Karwan Saray Soudhan Muhammad Pura, Muradabad
The can water samples were collected from Samanabad, Abdullah pur, D-type colony, Madina Town, Gatwala and Raza Town whereas the samples of groundwater near drains were collected from Muradabad, Chokera, BawaChak, Ghulam Muhammad Abad, Nishatabad and Hussainabad.
Ahmad Khan created two schools in the cities of Muradabad and Ghazipur, having established in the first one, in 1864, the Scientific Society, which was moved in 1867 to Aligarh.
Maps indicated that pH values in areas Millat Town Nanakpura Sargodha road Muradabad Gobind Pura Karim Town and Sahib Nager ranged between 7.
A 60 ft wide crack was caused by the breaking of Muradabad dyke near Muzaffargarh due to which the floodwater entered several villages including Boota-abad, Fazilpur and Makhdoom Ali Pir.
In 1858, Sir Syed Ahmed founded a modern school in Muradabad.
Menon; Bihar: 1 female, Pusa, 14-V-1917, Fletcher (NPC); Uttar Pradesh: 10 male, 1 female, Muradabad, 30-VII 2011, grasses, Roni, K.