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A suburb of Venice, Italy, on five small islands in the Venetian lagoon. It is noted for its glassmaking industry dating back to the late 1200s.


(mʊˈrɑ noʊ)

an island suburb of Venice.
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Ruskin had visited Torcello by this time, and was ordering his gondoliers to take him to Murano.
I elicited from my servant that two old ladies and an old gentleman had in fact rallied round Miss Tita and had supported her(they had come for her in a gondola of their own) during the journey to the cemetery, the little red-walled island of tombs which lies to the north of the town, on the way to Murano.
By Ghaith Madadha First introduced in 2002, at perhaps the height of the SUV craze, the Nissan Murano has been something of either a better looking alternative to the base Porsche Cayenne or a more middle class alternative to the more powerful Cayenne versions.
5 V6 engine used in the Murano is the same as that used in Nissan's highly acclaimed 350Z.
The artist calls herself The Lady from Venice," says Vento of the designer of the boutique's well-priced, one-off Murano glass jewelry.
They forced all the Venetian glassmakers to move to the nearby island city of Murano.
NISSAN have done a great job in civilising their handsome but slightly stodgy Murano 4x4.
It is fitting that the sharp lines of our Murano glass martini set come from the master of '80s fashion, Giorgio Armani, whose minimal home collection packs a maximum punch.
The Nissan Murano is the latest offering from the Japanese firm and it aims to lure those with sixty-ish grand to spend.
1 -- cover -- color) ``Astra'' table lamp from Arte di Murano in Los Angeles, available for $754.
An eye-catching cross-over with the elevation of a 4x4 but the lines of a sports car, the Murano will provide comfort and performance.
ELSA MURANO, USDA'S UNDERsecretary for food safety, unveiled at last month's Institute of Food Technologists Show in Las Vegas a document that reviews recent successes and lays out new initiatives to improve the prediction and response to food safety challenges.