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(mjʊəˈrɪləʊ; Spanish muˈriʎo)
(Biography) Bartolomé Esteban (bartoloˈme esˈteβan). 1618–82, Spanish painter, esp of religious subjects and beggar children


(myʊˈrɪl oʊ, muˈri oʊ, myu-)

Bartolomé Esteban, 1617–82, Spanish painter.
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Noun1.Murillo - Spanish painter (1617-1682)Murillo - Spanish painter (1617-1682)    
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Swarthy boys and dark-eyed Madonnas, staring at you from one corner of the studio, suggested Murillo.
The smile reminded Thorndike of the smile on the face of a mother in a painting by Murillo he had lately presented to the chapel in the college he had given to his native town.
Sir," said Monte Cristo to him, "I do not recommend my pictures to you, who possess such splendid paintings; but, nevertheless, here are two by Hobbema, a Paul Potter, a Mieris, two by Gerard Douw, a Raphael, a Vandyke, a Zurbaran, and two or three by Murillo, worth looking at.
Her complexion," pointing to the Murillo, "is--more delicate.
Our months of partnership had not been so uneventful as he had stated, for I find, on looking over my notes, that this period includes the case of the papers of ex-President Murillo, and also the shocking affair of the Dutch steamship FRIESLAND, which so nearly cost us both our lives.
Also pictures by Murillo, Rubens, Teniers, Titian, Vandyck, and others.
Nico Murillo comes to Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.
Rescuers reached Maria Nelly Murillo and her child in a remote area of western Colombia and flew them to the town of Quibdo for medical treatment, the air force said.
The 1734 Murillo Map which the 12th Duke of Northumberland sold at auction last autumn for over PS170,000 will be submitted by the Philippine government to a United Nations Tribunal at the Hague.
In early March, the Mexican Senate overwhelmingly confirmed Arely Gomez Gonzalez as the next attorney general, replacing the embattled Jesus Murillo Karam, who was reassigned to another position in President Enrique Pena Nieto's Cabinet.
DTZ Senior Vice President Fernando Murillo, Vice President Giorgio Versea and Associate Vice President Gary Ceder represented JAE Capital Management.
Jesus Murillo Karam said his team had interviewed 99 people including members of the criminal gang whom he alleges murdered the students.