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Noun1.Mus - type genus of the Muridae: common house miceMus - type genus of the Muridae: common house mice; the tips of the upper incisors have a square notch
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Muridae, Muridae - originally Old World rats now distributed worldwide; distinguished from the Cricetidae by typically lacking cheek pouches
house mouse, Mus musculus - brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide
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Now me mus tuddy my lessin," went on the funny little thing.
I'd rudder not go fer trubble dat bug - you mus git him for your own self.
cried the negro, drawing back in dismay - "what for mus tote de bug way up de tree?
resumed the voice, as I continued my survey, "you mus pe so dronk as de pig, den, for not zee me as I zit here at your zide.
The guanaco i also in his proper district, herds of fifty or a hundred wer common; and, as I have stated, we saw one which mus have contained at least five hundred.
Mus alparslan E-niversitesi idari ve mali isler dairesi baskanligi
Chan eil duil gum bi i nar lamhan ron tagadh choitcheann, sin mura bhot buill parlamaid air iarrtas a foillseachadh anns a' mhios mus sgaoil a' pharlamaid.
Initial MUS surgery resulted in higher rates of subjective improvement, compared with initial physiotherapy (91% vs.
The phylogenetic position of the virus found in a Mus baoulei mouse, named Jirandogo for the village in which it was discovered, is unclear: Jirandogo clusters with the Nigerian LASV strain Lili Pinneo (lineage I) but with low branch support (20% bootstrap support) in the GP gene tree (Figure 2, panel A); is basal to all Lassa strains in the NP gene.
We identified 7 women who underwent PVS after a previously failed MUS, who were contacted by telephone to complete the ICIQ-SF questionnaire[sup.
The most recent issue, Volume XIV, details class mark Mus.