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n.1.A dreamer; an absent-minded person.
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Le Diable amoureux (Cazotte, a ballet in 1830), Robert le Diable (1831, with than 100 showings), Les trois baisers du Diable (Offenbach, Musard 1857) (Figure 3), and many operas inspired by Hoffmann's work (Figure 4) made the fantastic available to audiences who hadn't necessarily read Hoffmann's original or translated works.
Car ce soir apres la soupe Ils iront autour de Musard Et ne rentreront pas trop tard; Afin que demain l'on s'eveille Pour une existence pareille: Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do .
Evesham Abbey held Weethley in the 14th century and in 1344 the Musard family raided the parish, killing three abbey servants and stealing several hundred sheep.
Ses oeuvres ressemblent a des symphonies de Berlioz exeeutees par Musard.
Picard, Louis-Benoit, Monsieur Musard ou Comme le temps passe (1808), comedie en un acte (14)
With: Kathleen Chalfant, Marty Pottenger, Alana Chezan, Yves Musard.
A bylined article by Francois Musard was headlined, "Ernest Hemingway who risked his life in all the great adventures of our time had arranged a rendezvous with death.
PROSPECT (29) - Lewis 14, Tallman 4, Bennett 3, Govenor 1, Musard 1, Scriven 2, Eldrifge 2, Newcomb 2.
First, in January 1331, Bradeston was granted the keeping of the manors of Lechlade and Siddington Musard and two parts of the manor of Barnsley (Gloucestershire) of the earl of Kent's estate.
The conspicuousness in his day of a figure such as the dance-music composer Philippe Musard is underlined by a plethora of quadrille adaptations he made of Auber melodies.
Towards the back are sets of French quadrilles composed and arranged by Philippe Musard, orchestra director at Almack's.