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 (myo͞o′zē-əl), Stanley Frank Known as "Stan the Man." 1920-2013.
American baseball player who as an outfielder and first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals (1941-1963) accrued a lifetime batting average of .331 and hit 475 home runs and 3,630 base hits.
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Noun1.Musial - United States baseball player (born in 1920)
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But the hosts and their supporters were furious with Polish referee Tomasz Musial for awarding a controversial second-half penalty just when the Saints were really knuckling down to chase the game.
Musial says the firm works with onshore and offshore fields, maps ground conditions, and measures the potential for thawing.
German researcher Frauke Musial, PhD, said, "I believe that the most important thing we can do in training other people to conduct whole-systems research is to broaden the attention to cover points to which they were not trained to be attentive.
At 23 years, 52 days on the final day of the regular season, Trout is younger than all MVPs except Vida Blue (1971), Johnny Bench (1970), Stan Musial (1943) and Cal Ripken Jr.
John Lackinger, an addition in 2008, specializing in the education, banking and non-profit sectors, has been promoted to principal, as has employee benefits audit specialist Kathy Musial.
Musial, Hall, and Gollnick help students become effective teachers in challenging times by explaining the historical, philosophical, sociological, curricular, and governance, organization, and legal foundations of education.
Bob Musial is a principal at StreetSmart Business Development, LLC.
Tradesmen who wish to run their own business but do not have the money and all the right know-how to properly do so will get support from Profi that, in turn, for the success of the business, will benefit from their experience and commercial skills," said Profi Rom Food general manager Pawel Musial.
The recent death of baseball legend Stan Musial hammered another nail in the coffin of a period of American history when baseball was truly the national pastime and its stars were beloved icons across the country.
Helen Catholic Church Junction City for Stanley Musial of Harrisburg, who died Nov.
It fixes Jeter firmly in the constellation of the greats, like Stan Musial, Roberto Clemente, Carl Yastrzemski and Honus Wagner.
Stan Musial earned those descriptions, just as he earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he was awarded recently by President Barack Obama.