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 (myo͞o′zē-əl), Stanley Frank Known as "Stan the Man." 1920-2013.
American baseball player who as an outfielder and first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals (1941-1963) accrued a lifetime batting average of .331 and hit 475 home runs and 3,630 base hits.
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Noun1.Musial - United States baseball player (born in 1920)
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Housewife Musial, 35, sat opposite an undercover Sunday Mirror investigator believing she was set for another hefty payday by offering up a bride from her native Poland.
The Cardinals, behind a complete game by Gerry Staley and home runs from Red Schoendienst and Stan Musial, beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-2.
Stan 'The Man' Musial, arguably the greatest hitter in National League history and clearly one of the finest baseball players ever, died on Saturday at the age of 92.
Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, and Eddie Murray to name a few.
Former players whose homes were listed: Stan Musial, Al Hrabosky, Ozzie Smith, and Lou Brock.
Louis Cardinals and Stan Musial--he would later play against Musial a couple of times in Major League All-Star games.
There are other clues that produce answers involving Stan Musial, the Beatles, "Men in Black," and the Pope.
The Rockies, a Stan Musial League team, were held hitless by four Korean pitchers until the sixth inning, when Derek Kinzler broke up the no-hit bid with a single up the middle.
Victor Musial, director of field operations for the Oregon School Employees Association, offers an emphatic "no.
Giglio in the preface of Musial, his intent in writing this book was "to place Musial .
The data for the 1954 season shows Musial would have had 10 more homers without the screen, while Red Schoendiest and Solly Hemus would have had live more apiece.
Stan Musial and Kenny Boyer come to mind as players who lived up to all my expectations.