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n. pl. Mus·sul·men or Mus·sul·mans Archaic
A Muslim.

[Ultimately (partly via Ottoman Turkish müsülmān, müslümān) from Persian musulmān, from alteration of Arabic muslim, Muslim; see Muslim.]


(ˈmʌsəlmən) or


n, pl -mans
(Islam) an archaic word for Muslim
[C16: from Persian Musulmān (pl) from Arabic Muslimūn, pl of Muslim]


(ˈmʌz lɪm, ˈmʊz-, ˈmʊs-)

also Moslem

adj., n., pl. -lims, -lim. adj.
1. of or pertaining to the religion, law, or civilization of Islam.
2. an adherent of Islam.
[< Arabic, literally, a person who submits. See Islam]
usage: Moslem, once the more widely used form, still has currency but has declined in favor of Muslim. The use of Muhammadan in reference to Islam or its adherents is rejected by Muslims themselves, as is Muhammadanism for Islam.


n pl <-mans> (old)Muselman(in) m(f)
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