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(French mysɛ)
(Biography) Alfred de (alfrɛd də). 1810–57, French romantic poet and dramatist: his works include the play Lorenzaccio (1834) and the lyrics Les Nuits (1835–37), tracing his love affair with George Sand



n. (Louis Charles) Alfred de,
1810–57, French poet, playwright, and novelist.
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Noun1.Musset - French poet and writer (1810-1857)
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It was so, I said to myself, Alfred de Musset used to sit and sip his absinthe before a fascinated world.
Why, you read about them in Murger, in Musset, in Balzac, and in Flaubert; and the fact of your having read about them is, I may add, their chief importance.
She read a great deal, and almost always French books, in fresh yellow paper; not the lighter forms of that literature, but a volume of Sainte-Beuve, of Renan or at the most, in the way of dissipation, of Alfred de Musset.
As part of the development of the ZAC Vigny Musset in Grenoble, this consultation concerns the mission prime contractor for development of the Coeur d~Island I.
Berth occupancy was 65% at the port on Friday where a total seven ships namely MSC Beijing, CGM Musset, C.
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Based on a drama by Alfred de Musset and fashioned into a libretto by his brother, Paul, the eponymous Fantasio is a moody student in Munich.
Container vessel 'Hanjin Sandiego' sailed out to sea on Wednesday morning while another container vessel 'Maersk Kingston' is expected to sail on same day afternoon Two ships CMA CGM Musset and M.
beaucoup moins que]Le plaisir des disputes, c'est de faire la paix[beaucoup plus grand que], a conclu Alfred de Musset.
Next day, it was off to the beautiful Spanish village of Santa Gertrudis for a late breakfast at Musset with our friends from essentialibiza.