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  1. Big mustaches that made him look like an animated mushroom —Arthur Train
  2. A black mustache like the lowered wings of a crow —Carolyn Chute
  3. A curled-up mustache, like two little rolls of barbed wire —Joyce Cary
  4. A gray handlebar mustache with oiled points, like the long horns of an ox —Ira Wood
  5. His mustache sags … like a bat —Carolyn Chute
  6. His white mustache, of thin separate hairs like glass threads —Joyce Cary
  7. His yellow-to-brown mustache quivered and preened over his mouth like a sparrow’s wing shaking off dust —Paul Horgan
  8. The insignificant mustache trembled like a twig in a storm —Jonathan Kellerman
  9. A light mustache that flourished upwards as if blown that way by the breath of a constant smile —Henry James
  10. A little black mustache like an eyebrow —George Du Maurier
  11. Little circumflex accent mustache … like a black butterfly placed under his nose —Romain Gary
  12. Little mustaches stiffened like a pointer’s tail when he scents a bird —Arthur Train
  13. A man without a mustache is like a woman with only one breast —M. M. Liberman


  14. Mustache … black as India ink and big as the switch on a cow’s tail —James Crumley
  15. Mustache … black, like a charcoal smear on his upper lip —Paige Mitchell
  16. Mustache bristled like intractable gorse —Frank Swinnerton
  17. Mustache curling like a sultan’s —Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
  18. Mustache cut short like a worn-out brush —Henry James
  19. Mustache hanging heavy as a pelt —Carolyn Chute
  20. Mustache like a soft black mouse —Ann Tyler
  21. A mustache resting like a small white cloud beneath his undistinguished nose —F. Scott Fitzgerald
  22. A mustache shadowing either side of his lip with a broad sweep, like a bird’s wing —William Dean Howells
  23. (The faded) mustaches hung like crossed pistols above his radiant smile —Eudora Welty
  24. Mustache … thick and neat as a bristle brush —Ira Wood
  25. Mustache … thin and straight like it was painted on —George Garrett
  26. White mustache like a Viking’s —Jo Bannister
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and twirl their blond mustaches with the true English lordliness.
To the right there is a door from the saloon, with a few loafers in the doorway, and in the corner beyond it a bar, with a presiding genius clad in soiled white, with waxed black mustaches and a carefully oiled curl plastered against one side of his forehead.
One sees many women on the continent with quite conspicuous mustaches, but this was the only woman I saw who had reached the dignity of whiskers.
His thin flaxen mustaches were no longer pragmatically waxed and twisted into a curl: their weak feathery ends hung meekly pendent over the querulous corners of his mouth.
You can see the mustaches on the faces of the men--six of them.
de Treville's, spread themselves about in the cabarets, in the public walks, and the public sports, shouting, twisting their mustaches, clanking their swords, and taking great pleasure in annoying the Guards of the cardinal whenever they could fall in with them; then drawing in the open streets, as if it were the best of all possible sports; sometimes killed, but sure in that case to be both wept and avenged; often killing others, but then certain of not rotting in prison, M.
The small and angular head of this man, his white hair and thick gray mustaches, caused him to be easily recognized by Baptistin, who had received an exact description of the expected visitor, and who was awaiting him in the hall.
He was a handsome fellow, his face wore a smile, his mustaches were curled up at the ends, and there was a little dancing gleam in his eye.
He was already so close to the dark entry, however, that his whole figure was black against the morning light, and March could see nothing of his face except the end of two long whiskers or mustaches that gave something sinister to the silhouette, like horns in the wrong place.
Our skins were of the same lemon color as his own, and great, black beards and mustaches had been deftly affixed to our smooth faces.
The news that Daisy Miller was surrounded by half a dozen wonderful mustaches checked Winterbourne's impulse to go straightway to see her.
said a tall, grizzly-haired staff captain, with enormous mustaches and many wrinkles on his large features, to Rostov who was crimson with excitement.