Mustelus canis

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Noun1.Mustelus canis - found along the Atlantic coast of the AmericasMustelus canis - found along the Atlantic coast of the Americas
genus Mustelus, Mustelus - smooth dogfishes
smooth dogfish - small bottom-dwelling shark found along both Atlantic coasts
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2006), studied the transcriptomic relations in the dog shark Mustelus canis and reported a range of 1.
Species n Control Magnets Rhizoprionodon 169 67 30 terraenouae * Mustelus canis * 21 10 1 Squalusacanthias 85 31 23 Raja eglanteria 16 6 3 Carcharhinus limbatus 7 4 0 Sphyrna lewini 2 1 0 Total elasmobranchs * 147 119 57 Total teleosts 16 6 5
The narrow sub-second time window in which this bilateral detection causes the turn response corresponds well with the swimming speed and odour patch dispersal physics of our shark species," known as Mustelus canis or the smooth dogfish, said Jayne Gardiner of the University of South Florida.
Other authors have also described the mandibular musculature as the effector of the mandibular nerve in some sharks and rays species like Notorynchus cepedianus (Daniel, 1934), Squalus sp (Gilbert, 1986, Whitehouse & Grove, 1947), Squalus acanthias (Gans & Parsons, 1964), Mustelus canis and Raja eglanteria (Song & Boords, 1993).
Smooth dogfish (also referred to as Dusky smoothhound) Mustelus canis canis
En los muestreos realizados se reportaron Mustelus canis, Hexanchus nakamurai y Squalus cubensis, por primera vez para las pesquerias deportivas de la region noroccidental de Cuba.