Mycenaean civilization

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Noun1.Mycenaean civilization - the late bronze-age culture of Mycenae that flourished 1400-1100 BC
culture, civilisation, civilization - a particular society at a particular time and place; "early Mayan civilization"
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The emerging new story goes like this: In 800 BC, as the Greek world emerged from the Dark Age that followed the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization chronicled by Homer, typical Greeks were indeed impoverished.
Contract notice: Digital network of archaeological sites argolis promotional services, promotion, information and education programs with the use of new technologies for the mycenaean civilization (ancient mycenae and tiryns) and the archaeological museum nafplion
According to new cooking experiments, the Mycenaean civilization, which thrived more than 3,000 years ago during the late Bronze Age, may have been quite sophisticated cooks as archaeologists have found less glamorous artifacts, such as souvlaki trays and griddles made from gritty clays, Discovery News reported.