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 (mĭk′ə-lä′yĭv, -yēo͝o) or Ni·ko·la·yev (nĭk′ə-lä′yəf, nyĭ′kə-)
A city of southern Ukraine at the mouth of the Southern Bug River northeast of Odessa. Founded c. 1784 as a fortress, it became a shipbuilding center in the 1780s.
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The whole world is tired of war," Poroshenko told reporters on Thursday, during his working trip to Mykolaiv.
If used in attacks from recently-grabbed Sevastopol on the ports of Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv, they could isolate Ukraine's navy and landlock the country.
But Grosul says that in his city of Mykolaiv, most people are Russian speakers who have turned against Moscow because of the seizure of Crimea and the hysterical anti-Ukraine propaganda.
Deputy speaker of Crimea's Supreme Council Serhiy Tsekov said Crimean authorities had received calls from "representatives of local administrative bodies" in Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa.
Prosecutors say Oksana Makar was raped by three young men on March 9 in the southern city of Mykolaiv.
Olgas family home is a one bedroom flat in Mykolaiv, a ship building town in southern Ukraine.
Hence Ukraine's geographical position, the southern regions of the country bear the highest potential: Crimea, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odesa regions.
Possible locations for the terminal include Feodosia in Crimea and Ochakov in the Mykolaiv region, but now planners say the most likely site for it is the Yuzhnyi port near Odessa, not far from the south-eastern terminal of the Odessa-Brody crude oil pipeline.
But beware the team that has to travel to FC Mykolaiv or Spartak-Horobyna - you know it's the prelude to a doing.
Politics comes a distant second to economics in port cities such as Odesa and Mykolaiv which hope to reap the benefits of free economic zones and President Kuchma's programme of economic reform.