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Noun1.Myles Standish - English colonist in AmericaMyles Standish - English colonist in America; leader of the Pilgrims in the early days of the Plymouth Colony (1584-1656)
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1620: The 101 Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower, captained by Myles Standish.
Myles Standish Hall and the adjoining annex, which were originally constructed in the 1920s, will be modernized during a three-phase, 30-month renovation that is set to begin this spring.
The news this week also included a report on the death of approximately 100,000 red pine trees in Plymouth's Myles Standish State Forest -- victims of scale insects that are believed to have arrived in this country on exotic trees in 1939.
In October 1942, Goode was transferred to Camp Myles Standish in Taunton, Massachusetts and reunited with Chaplains John Washington, a Catholic priest; Clark Poling, a Dutch Reformed minister; and George Fox, a Methodist minister—all of whom were Goode's classmates at Harvard.
One was Myles Standish, the commander of the Mayflower.
1620: The 101 'Pilgrim Fathers' set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower, captained by Myles Standish - only 37 of them were 'Saints' seeking religious freedom, the rest being ordinary colonists or 'Strangers'.
Inactivated: 26 November 1945 at Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts
The span of the data barely covers a single orbit for Uranus and half an orbit for Neptune," says Myles Standish (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
Dr Myles Standish, an astronomer with Nasa, said: "Every so often the five planets will collect on one side of the sun.
Winslow also succeeded Myles Standish as commander in chief of the Plymouth military defense.
Other names among the Mayflower passengers are William Brewster, <IR> EDWARD WINSLOW </IR> , <IR> MYLES STANDISH </IR> , Priscilla Mullins, and <IR> JOHN ALDEN </IR> .