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A mixture of methyl siloxane polymers and silica gel, used an antiflatulent drug and as an antifoaming agent in cosmetics and industrial applications.

[si(lica) + (di)methicone, a silicon polymer (di- + meth- + (sil)icone).]


(saɪˈmɛθ ɪˌkoʊn)

an active ingredient in many antacid preparations that causes small mucus-entrapped air bubbles in the intestines to coalesce into larger bubbles that are more easily passed.
(si (lica) + meth (yl) + (sil) icone]

simethicone, simeticone

(INN) n simeticona
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Other leading SKUs were McNeil's Mylicon drops and 100-count packages of Lactacid caplets.
Since the crying baby swallows a great deal of air, Mylicon drops have been used by some physicians to help the infant burp up some of the extra stomach gas.
5-ounce size of Mylicon Drops, a non-prescription raspberry-flavored liquid infant colic and anti-gas product that's bolstering the baby medical seciton.