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 (mī′rən) Fifth century bc.
Greek sculptor whose works include the Discus Thrower.


(Biography) 5th century bc, Greek sculptor. He worked mainly in bronze and introduced a greater variety of pose into Greek sculpture, as in his Discobolus


(ˈmaɪ rən)

fl. c450 B.C., Greek sculptor.
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Among those of his relations who professed the modern faith of heredity it was well understood that in him the character of the late Myron Bayne, a maternal great-grandfather, had revisited the glimpses of the moon--by which orb Bayne had in his lifetime been sufficiently affected to be a poet of no small Colonial distinction.
Between him and his mother was the most perfect sympathy, for secretly the lady was herself a devout disciple of the late and great Myron Bayne, though with the tact so generally and justly admired in her sex (despite the hardy calumniators who insist that it is essentially the same thing as cunning) she had always taken care to conceal her weakness from all eyes but those of him who shared it.
McArdle, a lawyer, and Judge Myron Veigh, of the State Militia, were driving from Booneville to Manchester.
The Metro New York Printing Ink Association (MNYPIA) honored Myron Petruch, president of Sun Chemical Performance Pigments and an executive officer of DIC Corporation, with its Anthony Mauriello Man of the Year award.
Klydone is the daughter of Myron's slave-tutor, Olymnios, and has been raised alongside Myron in the same household.
Rapper Myron Isaac Yarde, known as MDot, was stabbed in broad daylight after a scuffle involving 16 boys in New Cross, south London, on April 3.
Myron doesn't love new things and now he's starting his first day at a new school.
At home in New Mills, near Newtown, Powys, sisters Emma, 13, and Lillie-Mae, eight, plus older brother Myron, 15, play a major part in Christopher's day-to-day life, from helping him get up in the morning and catching the school bus to bath time in the evenings.
Myron Scholes bought Company stock recently, indicating his confidence in the value and future development of the Company.
In an unknown year in a place called the Continental Alliance, teenager Myron is tortured and then imprisoned as a slog in the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex.
During his set he was serenaded and even joined in a chorus of Happy Birthday, sung by Myron & E.
Fike found Woody's son, Myron Gene Woody in Sidney, Nebraska.