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Noun1.Mytilidae - marine mussels
mollusk family - a family of mollusks
genus Mytilus, Mytilus - type genus of the family Mytilidae: smooth-shelled marine mussels
marine mussel, mytilid - marine bivalve mollusk having a dark elongated shell; live attached to solid objects especially in intertidal zones
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Green-lipped mussel, Pernaviridis belongs to family Mytilidae.
O grupo mais abundante de bivalves e o dos mexilhoes ou mitilideos, termo utilizado na denominacao de diferentes especies da familia Mytilidae.
Identification Publication Currently Previously used used Mytilidae Brachidontes Brachidontes Day et al.
The Cardiff museum has now received his Mytilidae Dish (called after the Latin name for a family of small salt water mussels) for its collection.
Many have been bored through by marine bivalves, such as those belonging to the families Petricolidae and Mytilidae (sub-family Lithophaginae) for example, while others have traces of calcareous worm tubes over their surfaces.
Cytogenetic studies on metaphase chromosomes of six bivalve species of families Mytilidae and Veneridae (Nucinelloidea, Mollusca).
4[degrees]C, presence of freshwater input, kelp forests, Mytilidae beds and shell debris and gravel and boulders on shallow bottoms (<20 m water depth) (Table 2).
The golden mussel Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1857) is a medium-sized bivalve mollusk belonging to the family Mytilidae (Darrigran & Damborenea, 2006).
Geukensia demissa (Dillwyn, 1817), es un mejillon integrante de la familia Mytilidae que se encuentra distribuido, de manera irregular a lo largo del estrecho del Lago de Maracaibo en parches o bancos aislados en la periferia de los manglares [46].
Los cultivos marinos de algunas especies de la familia Mytilidae han constituido una parte de la produccion de alimentos para el consumo humano en paises como Espana, Francia, Holanda e Italia (Hickman, 1992).