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1. (Placename) a port on the Greek island of Lesbos: Roman remains; Byzantine fortress. Pop: (municipality): 37 881 (2001). Modern Greek name: Mitilíni
2. (Placename) a former name for Lesbos


or Mit•i•li•ni

(ˌmɪt lˈi ni, ˌmit-)

1. the capital of the Greek island Lesbos. 24,115.
2. Lesbos.
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Noun1.Mytilene - an island of eastern Greece in the eastern Aegean SeaMytilene - an island of eastern Greece in the eastern Aegean Sea; in antiquity it was famous for lyric poetry
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
Aeolia, Aeolis - an ancient coastal region of northwestern Asia Minor (including Lesbos) where the Aeolians founded several cities around 1100 BC
Lesbian - a resident of Lesbos
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By the boat of the ship to Mytilini, Lesbos was immediately transported a child in critical condition - a boy aged about 10 years.
ISTANBUL, Aug 7 (KUNA) -- Turkey has foiled an attempt by 54 infiltrators to go from the Turkish Canakkale city to the Greek island of Mytilini (Lesbos), in the northern Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey, according to local media.
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His family endured a terrifying crossing from Turkey in a dinghy before heading for Mytilini last week.
In Lesbos, after angry clashes between refugees and police, the mayor of the main town of Mytilini begged the government to declare a state of emergency on the island.
For four months now I have been saying that I am holding a bomb in my hands and the fuse is slowly burning," Spyros Galinos, mayor of Mytilini told state TV ERT.
BALIKESyR (CyHAN)- Seven migrants, allegedly of Syrian origin, drowned when their boat sank off the coast of the Greek island of Mytilini, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.
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Lesbos, island of Lesbos: Mytilini, Lebetymnos Mts (1 female; Werner 1934 as hamatus; determination fide Unal 2010); TURKEY: Izmir: Boz-dagh Brunner von Wattenwyl 1878, Sevdikoy (=Seydik6y) Ramme 1933; Manisa: Magnesia (=Manisa) Brunner von Wattenwyl 1878; Distribution Fig.