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Noun1.Myxophyceae - former terms for Cyanophyceae
bacteria family - a family of bacteria
division Schizophyta, Schizophyta - former term for the Cyanophyta
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Assisting Marshall Howe, Frank Shipley Collins (1848-1920) contributed the taxonomic treatment of the subclass Myxophyceae, and Charles S.
The other four groups, Myxophyceae, Desmidiaceae, Protozoa and rotifers were also consumed but in less quantity.
The Chryophyceae were maximally represented by Synura 40, Bacillariophyceae by Synedra 48 and Myxophyceae by Anabaena 60 individuals 5ml-1 in the treated pond, and were absent in reference pond.