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Noun1.Myxosporidia - an order in the subclass Cnidosporidia
animal order - the order of animals
Cnidosporidia, subclass Cnidosporidia - single-host parasites of lower vertebrates and invertebrates
myxosporidian - mostly parasitic in fishes and including various serious pathogens
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Although we observed Myxosporidia protozoa in the gallbladder and some protists in the intestine, they were not identified as the etiologic agents, considering the proportion of infection (online Technical Appendix Figure 4).
Myxosporidia cysts found on gill filaments or bony arch were counted and crushed between a slide and cover-slide and their content identified using an objective 100X of a Wild M-20 microscope.
These spores were identified as spores of Myxosporidia, order Bivalvulida, family Myxobolidae, genus Henneguya and species of Henneguya branchialis as presented in Fig.