NAND gate

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Noun1.NAND gate - a logic gate that produces an output that is the inverse of the output of an AND gate
logic gate, gate - a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs
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In the present paper, a structure for designing all optical 2-input NAND gate based on nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonators is proposed.
Limited Tenders are invited for Ic-Acms 3 I/P Nand Gate 74Ac11 Smd - 300.
The Neutron Series XTi is also equipped with end-to-end data path protection, ensuring data is protected against corruption from the host to the NAND gate.
From the host to the NAND gate, ensuring data is protected against corruption.
We used these optical switches to construct a NAND gate, which is a fundamental building block of modern computer processing.
Combine electronic switches to create a NAND gate, connect a few NAND gates to allow Boolean processing, and you have the building blocks for a computer.
An AND gate inverts the signal propagated by a NAND gate while an OR gate inverts that propagated by a NOR gate.
Toshiba's new super-miniature fSV LMOS logic packaging is initially available for seven basic logic gates in Toshiba's VHS (TC7SHXX) logic series including a 2-input NAND gate, 2-input NOR gate, Inverter, 2-Input AND gate, Schmitt Inverter, 2-input OR gate and 2-input EX-OR gate.
Limited Tenders are invited for Ic-Hcms 3 I/P Nand Gate 74Hc10 Smd - 400.
This process delivers a 100 Ps gate delay for a 2 input NAND gate with a fan out of two.