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1. national.
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United States Patent number 9,473,452 titled, NAT Traversal in VoIP Communication System, was awarded on October 18, 2016.
These standards, which formalize firewall and NAT traversal protocols first developed by Eyeball Networks, have also been adopted by CableLabs and 3GPP as part of PacketCable 2.
Many people have been concerned about SIP security or couldn't find a NAT traversal solution for multiple media streams, such as video conference calls.
323 local call control or secure proxy support for external call control elements, and enhanced media handling features include shortest path media routing and media relay when NAT traversal is necessary.
6 and AnyConnect Gateway for a complete end-to-end connectivity solution providing guaranteed firewall and NAT traversal, or be combined with other third-party, standards-based products.
Aligning with software-only architectures, the Mediant Software SBC integrates smoothly into both virtualized and non-virtualized environments, providing essential session border control functions such as SIP and Media normalization, NAT traversal, authentication, encryption, denial of service protection, SLA enforcement and routing.
An advanced near-end and far-end NAT Traversal feature set negates the need for Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.
PathFinder is an end-to-end firewall and NAT traversal solution that maintains the security and advantages of firewall and NAT, while opening up IP visual communication capabilities to telecommuters, workers on the move, customers and suppliers.
Topics of the short papers include smart travel union for NAT traversal, block migration in multiprocessor architectures, cryptographic acceleration, and using cooperative mobile agents to gather global information.
The solutions can work alone or with existing firewall/ NAT traversal solutions.
This client software enables user-level authentication, virtual IP address assignment, NAT traversal, and remote policy update and administration.