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net asset value


abbreviation for
(Accounting & Book-keeping) net asset value


1. naval.
2. navigation.


net asset value.
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As part of its debt refinancing, NAV amended its recovery zone facility revenue bonds issued by the Illinois Finance Authority and Cook County, Illinois to include a second lien on certain collateral that secures the term loan.
The NAV was computed as of the close of business on Tuesday, 14 March 2017.
Of course, the proposed requirement that prime funds move to a floating NAV was a step back from an SEC draft proposal last year that would have required a floating NAV for all money market funds.
She asserts that "a floating NAV brings new accounting headaches, as GAAP-applicable investors must consider how to treat floating-NAV MMFs.
based Aviva Investors, argues that treasurers' concerns about a floating NAV are not justified.
Software company ReadSoft on Tuesday announced the launch of an invoice automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV by ReadSoft France and its Platinum Partner BCSYS, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner.
Equisys has launched Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 3.
For decades this NAV methodology contributed to the mutual fund industry's reputation for reliability and honesty--until the "Canary" sang.
The Tax Court arrived at a value weighted as 65% NAV and 35% earnings-based value.
NAV launched a tender offer and consent solicitation on Oct.
TrueCommerce, a HighJump company and a global provider of trading partner connectivity and integration solutions, has announced the availability of its EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the North American and European market.
Aitken, spent 42 years in corporate finance and public accounting, including the last 14 years at NAV CANADA.