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net asset value


abbreviation for
(Accounting & Book-keeping) net asset value


1. naval.
2. navigation.


net asset value.
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Annualized current distribution rate expressed as a percentage of NAV as of October 31, 2015[sup.
For decades this NAV methodology contributed to the mutual fund industry's reputation for reliability and honesty--until the "Canary" sang.
The Tax Court arrived at a value weighted as 65% NAV and 35% earnings-based value.
Other risks include emissions credits which NAV estimates will be depleted in 2013 rather than 2012, partly due to lower-than-expected sales volumes, but a gap in timing between depletion and full production of NAV's ICT+ engines could hurt the company's market share and financial results, at least temporarily.
Each NAV professional wears multiple hats as a seasoned valuator and fund auditor, a rare combination ideal for fostering collaboration between external auditors and portfolio managers.
Investment Trust Plc As at close of business on 02-July-2014 NAV per
In addition, NAV disclosed that it received a subpoena from the SEC with respect to a formal order of investigation for the period November 1, 2010 to the present concerning accounting and disclosure issues.
close of business on 07-May-2014 NAV per Ordinary share (unaudited) with
NAV remains geographically dependent on North America and derived approximately 92% of its 2008 fiscal-year revenue from this region.
12-August-2013 NAV per Ordinary share (unaudited) with Debt at Par
PKF Texas is one of the few that also specializes in MBS, which is the family of Microsoft Dynamics financial applications, including Dynamics NAV, GP, SL, and CRM.
of business on 09-August-2013 NAV per share (unaudited) with Debt at Par