network computer

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net′work comput`er

a relatively inexpensive computer with minimal processing power, designed primarily to provide access to computer networks, as corporate intranets or the Internet. Abbr.: NC
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NC machine is an effective and efficient motion control systems that enable high speed machining process.
USPRwire, Tue Jan 05 2016] NC machine is an effective and efficient motion control systems that enable high speed machining process.
often the information flow is realized directly on a hardware level with dedicated I/O (input/output) ports where the typical NC machine tool has limited options (Solvang et al.
The organizers also presented this year the Machine-tool Awards for Excellence in Research and Innovation, which were given to NC machine tools, NC lathes, and other NC machine tools.
More line segments in the tool path will influence not only at many codes for NC machine but also will reflect in efficiency of production.
After buying its first Baykal press brake with 2 axis CNC backstop from Press & Shear Machinery in 2004, Fareham-based Searle Manufacturing immediately noticed increased productivity compared with using air older NC machine oil which the backstop was adjusted by hand.
The products include carbon fiber, titanium alloys, robots, and high-grade NC machine tools, which could be used in manufacturing aircraft, tank engines, and submarine screws.
One, NC Machine Tool Builder models the kinematics of numerical control (NC) machines, tools, tool changers, pallet changers, and other peripherals.
In 1983, NC machine tools accounted for 13 percent and 17 percent of metalcutting and metalforming tools 9 years old or less.
The machine tools market in Japan can be divided into two major segments based on technology: conventional machine tools and NC machine tools.
A modification to the technological process of machining roughing of pressure casting die inserts on NC machine tools was made.
After ending this process the NC program is generated (figure 3) and can be sent to the NC machine.