network computer

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net′work comput`er

a relatively inexpensive computer with minimal processing power, designed primarily to provide access to computer networks, as corporate intranets or the Internet. Abbr.: NC
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Janay Richmond, field associate at NCRP, takes on the financial realities behind mass incarceration, including prison labor and privately-owned, publicly-traded prisons.
Census data and to Chris Rohlfs for sharing his NCRP code with us.
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It may be time to pass that baton," said Aaron Dorfman, executive director of NCRP,, via a blog post about the IS report.
prisoners in our NCRP sample, which includes data from states other than
Radiation NCRP guidelines for community people to each person 5 / 0 in Rome for the whole body is limited.
The NCRP combined with the census data make possible yearly estimations of the U.
The first comprehensive report on Time Trends in Cancer Incidence Rates: 1982-2005 under the NCRP of the ICMR has been recently published (NCRP, 2009).
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Interventional radiology exams, according the NCRP report, are the third largest dose contributor in medicine following CT and nuclear medicine procedures.
The NCRP data help in undertaking cancer research whether it is epidemiological, basic or clinical and for planning cancer control.
However, NCRP cannot render an opinion of the net benefit of using these devices based on the ionizing radiation aspects alone.