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n.1.See Nacre.
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It has in fact been established by several authors that congenitally blind subjects use the visual cortex to process different kinds of information, namely auditory (Kujala, Alho, Huotilainen, Ihmoniemi, Leinonen, Rinne, Salonen, Sinkkonen, Standertskjold-Nordenstam & Naatanen, 1997; Kujala, Albo, Kekoni, Hamalainen, Reinukainen, Salonen, Standertskjold-Nordenstam & Naatanen, 1995), tactile (Sadato, Pascual-Leone, Grafmau, Ibanez, Deibar, Dold & Hallett, 1996), somatosensitive (R6der, R6sler, Hennighausen & Nacker, 1996), and during the encoding and transformation of haptic images (Roder, Rosler & Hennighausen, 1997).
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Severine Nackers, head of prints at Sotheby's Europe, explains that the most sought-after Bauhaus prints are examples of the four completed portfolios from the ambitious Neue Europaische Graphik project (1922-24).
This tentative language opens the door to external assistance along the lines suggested by Sara Davies, Kimberley Nackers and Sarah Teitt (workshops, external funding and developing local institutional capacity) to improve ASEAN's institutional engagement with WPS.
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Gary Nackers, Director of Program Development for LBM, later moved into that role.
Having safer places for people to cycle would help less confident cyclists such as children and the elderly Edith Nackers Cyclist's pay indirect taxes through the add on's for their bikes and clothing/ head gear, some see cycling as a pastime others as a sport, but for many it is an activity to maintain health and fitness, something seemingly exempt from this modern world of ours in Britain.
I hope to see investments in cycling because it will have a long term impact on road congestion, NHS and mobility Edith Nackers WHY do they insist on using the road when there is a perfectly good, expensive cycling track?
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