Naga Hills

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Na·ga Hills

A region on the India-Myanmar (Burma) border. Its people were subdued by the British from 1865 to 1880.
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Ranging from the specially cooked pork with bamboo shoots, sticky rice cooked in various ways harvested from the Naga Hills, steamed fish cooked with bamboo shoot and Naga spices or 'Akha Khulo' to salads, chutneys which are prepared using the famous king chilly or 'bhut jolokia' and the locally grown green herbs remained a hit among residents.
On 1 December 1957, Tuensang was separated and attached to the newly formed Naga Hills district to form Naga Hills-Tuensang Area.
The statement maintained that draconian law, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), got tabled and implemented for the first time in the Naga Hills to quell the uprising of the Nagas in 1958.
Jamir also mentioned about interesting issues of the Aboriginals of America or Australia and that of Aboriginals of the Naga Hills.
In the axial part of the line of maximum shortening, thickness of Disangs and Barails in the Naga Hills Flysch belt is 2 + 3 = 5 Km (Acharya, 1991).
Her topics are a mountainous state, classifying spirit and sickness, religion of practice, traditional healers, a brief history of Christian evangelization in the Naga Hills, contemporary Christianity and the healing spirit, and church and healing.
assistance to Nepal and maintain law and order in the Naga Hills and Tuensang Agency ( NHTA)".
The Naga Hills have begun to do the same for me, and added dimensions of its own beyond physical characteristics.
Except for the very remote interiors of the hilly regions, there was interaction of people in trade and commerce, particularly in the regions inhabited by the Khasis and Garos, parts of the Naga Hills bordering the plains, and of course, Tripura and the Assam Valley.
The entire Nagalim was implicitly incorporated, at least in maps, into the British empires in India and Burma by the Treaty of Yandabo (24 February 1826); the boundary between Manipur and Ava/Burma, called the Pemberton Line, was delimited in 1833; the boundary between Assam and Burma was delimited without a treaty in 1837 by virtue of the Treaty of Yandabo, which resulted in the annexation of Assam, Cachar, Jaintia, and Manipur, and the virtual acceptance of the "vast mountain range between these kingdoms/states and Ava/Burma as the boundary between Assam and Burma"; the Naga Hills District (incorporated into Assam Province) was created in 1866; and Tuensang district or Tuensang Frontier Division was made one of the six divisions of the North East Frontier Agency.
After several skirmishes the East India Company decided to bring the Naga Hills directly under the British Government.
In 2006, a foray into the Naga Hills landed the authors in the middle of a clan feud: a centuries-old land dispute between the Chang and Konyak tribes that, it was feared, might be settled in an old-fashioned way--headhunting.