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Noun1.Naiki - a Dravidian language spoken in south central India
Central Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in central India
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The other languages in the endangered category are Manda, Parji and Pengo (Odisha), Koraga and Kuruba (Karnataka), Gadaba and Naiki (Andhra Pradesh), Kota and Toda (Tamil Nadu), Mra and Na (Arunachal Pradesh), Tai Nora and Tai Rong (Assam), Bangani (UttaraAkhand), Birhor (JharAkhand), Nihali (MahaArashtra), Ruga (Meghalaya) and Toto (West Bengal).
The incident occurred in Naiki Khel area of Tehsil Landikotal, Khyber Agency which claimed the lives of two females, two children and a male of a family.
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Ono K, hasegawa K, Naiki H and Yamada M, (2004) Curcumin has potent anti-amyloidogenic effects for Alzheimer's -amyloid fibrils in vitro.
Naiki, a PhD degree on 'Gandhara Art and Archaeology from Kyoto University, Japan, delivered a lecture on "The Chronology of Stylistic Features of Gandahra Sculptures".
We are indebted to Naiki Puplampu, Clara Yeboah, Mba Mosore, Monica Owusu, Joseph Otchere, and Patrick Ben-Coffie for their help in the field.
Among the first conclusions is the aspect of the ship's location at the time of being cornered by Coast Guard ship ' Naiki Devi'.
See also Yoshiko Naiki, Assessing Policy Reach: Japan's Chemical Policy Reform in Response to the EU's REACH Regulation, 22 J.
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