Namib Desert

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Na·mib Desert

A dry region of southwest Africa extending along the coast of Namibia between the Atlantic Ocean and the interior plateau.

Na′mib Des′ert

(ˈnɑ mɪb)
a desert region in SW Africa, along the entire coast of Namibia.
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Noun1.Namib Desert - a desert in Namibia extending along the coast between the high plateau and the Atlantic Ocean
Namibia, Republic of Namibia, South West Africa - a republic in southwestern Africa on the south Atlantic coast (formerly called South West Africa); achieved independence from South Africa in 1990; the greater part of Namibia forms part of the high Namibian plateau of South Africa
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TSX Venture: MON) has entered into a binding heads of agreement with Namib Base Minerals CC and Namibia Silica CC to acquire a 95% interest in the Uis Lithium-Tin Tailings Project in Namibia, the company said.
3 Sossusvlei A striking landscape with lofty pink and orange sand dunes rippling across the southern Namib Desert in stark contrast to the ghostly vleis (marshes).
We looked all over the world, and the Namib Desert yielded these incredible locations.
Twyfelfontein (officially known as |Ui-||Ais) in the Kunene region of the Republic of Namibia (situated along the south Atlantic coast of Africa between 17 and 29 degrees south of the Equator) is the nation's first UNESCO World Heritage Site (established June 2007) situated in a transitional zone between the Namib Desert (the oldest desert in the world) and the semi-desert area in the Kunene region, home to a wide variety of rock arts which date back between 2000 and 3000 years ago.
Simon Wheatcroft during a 90-mile ultramarathon in the Namib desert on May 1 this year.
win the win the but you can but you can those happy those happy hormones hormones Last year, he crossed 500 kilometres of the Namib Desert in nine days, and then won the inaugural Genghis Khan Ice Marathon in Outer Mongolia earlier this year.
IT was a busy day for roadworks in the Namib desert when 25 of Toyota's finest new Hilux models came thundering through in convoy.
The financing is made possible through IFCs inaugural Namib bond, the first by a supranational Triple-A issuer in Namibia, announced in March 2016.
Epic Land: Namibia Exposed covers the work of photographer Amy Schoeman, whose lifeAEs work revolves around the Namibian landscape, particularly the Namib Desert.
The Namib desert, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and savage places on the planet, is perhaps the ultimate test of endurance for a long-distance runner.
North River Resources plc recently announced that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism had approved its application for the re-commissioning of its Namib lead-zinc mine.
Anita Rani travels to the oldest, driest desert on earth, the Namib in Africa, where temperatures can reach 50 degrees centigrade - then experiences tribal life in Papua New Guinea.