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1. A usually carbon-based synthetic material whose fibers have a diameter of less than one micron.
2. One of these fibers.
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Tenders are invited for supply of nano-fiber electro-spinning unit
Nonwoven Micro and Nano-fiber Fundamentals and Applications
HemiPleat Synthetic is available in a standard version or a nano-fiber media version that uses Camfil APC's proprietary "extreme" media technology.
The materials can separate pollutants from water in less than 30 seconds, he said, adding the method also uses nano-particles absorption columns and nano-fiber microfiltration.
Swiss manufacture Richard Mille is known for creating highly technical watches with novel materials like high-density carbon nano-fiber.
2 #1 F6 MERV Charged 592*592*635mm_8 bags 11-12 Synthetic #2 F7 MERV 13 Charged 592*592*635mm_8bags Synthetic #3 F7 MERV 13 Glass Fiber 592*592*50Qmm_10 bags #4 F7 MERV 13 Nano-fiber 592*592*635mm_8 bags #5 F8 MERV 14 Charged 592*592*635mm_8 bags Synthetic #6 F8 MERV14 Glass Fiber 592*592*450mm_8 bags #7 F9 MERV 15 Charged 592*592*635mm_8 bags Synthetic
While the process is costly, it takes just 1 lb of the nano-fiber to reinforce 100 lb of plastic.
For biological nano-fiber and greenhouse temperature-control material technologies, ITRI plans to develop bio-nano fiber-genetic engineering and bio-nano fiber-material as well as greenhouse engineering material technologies.
Other topics include the tribological characteristics of carbon nano-fiber dispersed silicon nitride, the preparation of precursors for aluminum nitride-based ceramic composites, oxidation of rare earth silicon oxynitride J-phases, and computation of temperature-pressure phase diagrams for high-pressure nitrides.
The media itself is a proprietary design consisting of a thin, cellulose-based substrate with the company's Ultra-Web nano-fiber material applied atop the substrate.