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1. A usually carbon-based synthetic material whose fibers have a diameter of less than one micron.
2. One of these fibers.
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A separate area on Nanofibers describes Donaldson's expertise in developing nanofiber filter media for new air and liquid filtration applications, drawing on a proven track record within industrial filtration applications over the last 20 years.
Now a Cornell University researcher has developed a new process for electrospinning waste cotton into nanofibers using a less harmful solvent, a change that could both profit the cotton industry and afford environmentally friendly applications.
Helveg and his colleagues have provided a "long-awaited solution to the mystery of [carbon] nanofiber growth," says Pulickel M.
End user demand for nanofibers, by nanofiber type, forecast to 2017
Nanofiber samples were mounted onto SEM sample holders and sputter coated with gold.
The five nanofiber industrial production lines were launched in China in the wake of agreements between an Iranian and a Chinese company.
The researchers demonstrated that chitosan concentration and molecular weight are important factors affecting the hydrophilic, mechanical and antibacterial properties of chitosan-modified cellulose nanofiber films.
Specifically, the nanofiber production capacity for Inovenso PilotLine with PAN/DMF at a 13% concentration solution is 21 grams/hour.
The Multiplexed Artificial Cellular Micro-environment (MACME) array places nanofibers, mimicking cellular matrices, into fluid-filled micro-chambers of precise sizes, which mimic extracellular environments.
Fundamentals of Electrospinning & Electrospun Nanofibers
A new material made of tiny nanofibers could replace potentially harmful materials found in diapers and sanitary products, according to new research published in Applied Materials Today.