n.1.A taking by surprise; an unexpected onset or attack.
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Those old codgers who hate the word "nap" and who eschew nap-taking probably are getting in afternoon siesta time, except that its called dozing in front of the TV.
Although there are a good many woes for which the Bush Administration might rightly be called to count, in the early days of Bush Junior's first term, he was consistently chided by his liberal critics not for his bustle but for his nap-taking proclivity and focus on getting a good night's sleep.
It's a special interest group "devoted to battling negative images of the blissful practice of nap-taking.
McCormack even likes the idea of nap-taking on the job, going so far as to advocate an institutionalized siesta
The wisecracking, nap-taking, fat cat, himself, plans to tap, tap, tap his way onto computers everywhere with new Garfield's Typing Pal software.