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also naph·tha·line  (năf′thə-lēn′, năp′-) or naph·tha·lin (-lĭn)
A white crystalline aromatic compound, C10H8, derived from coal tar or petroleum and used in manufacturing dyes, moth repellents, and explosives and as a solvent. Also called tar camphor.

naph′tha·len′ic (-lĕn′ĭk) adj.


(ˈnæfθəˌliːn; ˈnæp-) or




(ˈnæfθəlɪn; ˈnæp-)
(Chemistry) a white crystalline volatile solid with a characteristic penetrating odour: an aromatic hydrocarbon used in mothballs and in the manufacture of dyes, explosives, etc. Formula: C10H8
[C19: from naphtha + alcohol + -ene]
naphthalic adj


or naph•tha•line

(ˈnæf θəˌlin, ˈnæp-)

also naph•tha•lin


a white crystalline hydrocarbon, C10H8, usu. obtained from coal tar: used in making dyes and as a moth repellant.
[1865–70; earlier napthaline]
naph`tha′len•ic (-ˈlɛn ɪk) adj.


A white crystalline compound made from coal tar or petroleum and used to make dyes, moth repellents, explosives, and solvents.
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Noun1.naphthalene - a white crystalline strong-smelling hydrocarbon made from coal tar or petroleum and used in organic synthesis and as a fumigant in mothballs
camphor ball, mothball - a small sphere of camphor or naphthalene used to keep moths away from stored clothing
hydrocarbon - an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen
coal tar - a tar formed from distillation of bituminous coal; coal tar can be further distilled to give various aromatic compounds


[ˈnæfθəliːn] Nnaftalina f


nNaphthalin nt
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Treatment of the volatile emissions involved the decomposition of a variety of aromatic hydrocarbons that included the following: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, styrene, napthalene, m/p xylene, 1,3,5 trimethylbenzene, and 1,2,4 trimethylbenzene.
These PAHs, which include benzene, toluene and napthalene, have potentially carcinogenic affects on humans.
Napthalene - a banned chemical contained in traditional mothballs - was the only PAH detected and ranged from 0.
The results showed napthalene, a chemical contained in mothballs, was present in 16 of 17 samples.
At the 1948 London games the design included a perforated canister to burn tablets consisting primarily of hexamine, but with six per cent napthalene to provide a luminous flame.
Water Potable--as per IS456- Cauvery river water, 2000 Tamilnadu, India 5 Water Brown colour liquid Obtained from a proofing Ligo-sulphonated- chemical supplying admixture napthalene polymer company, Bangalore, Conplast India.
For example, coal tar, a key ingredient in napthalene for bon acid, is now being burned for fuel.
They let the tin drop when it became hot and apparently it ignited some napthalene residue.
New Kenflex A is said to meet stricter environmental and occupational health regulations regarding napthalene that go into effect in 2003 in the U.
In the process of turning coal into coke, benzene, kerosene, napthalene, lead, and arsenic, a dog's breakfast of hundreds of thousands of tons of chemical waste, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), were dumped into a local estuary, Muggah Creek.
The heavy smell of napthalene hangs in the air; filters shade the fluorescent lights.