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(Placename) another name for the Narmada


(nərˈbʌd ə)

a river flowing W from central India to the Arabian Sea. 800 mi. (1290 km) long.
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NHMUK 36851, cranium and horn-cores; from the Pleistocene of the Narbada valley, India, described and figured by Rutimeyer (1878, p.
Urdu was indigenous, having born in the Deccan, south of the Narbada (River), during Malik Kafur's occupation of the South in the fourteenth century.
Its fossils were found in Asia from China, Indonesia and Valley of Narbada River (India).
Summary: Opposition uses Saradha scam and Narbada sting operation to hit at government
THE Gurkha knife emblem on her blazer hints that security officer Narbada MacDonald is not a lady to mess with.
The attacker's mother reportedly physically assaulted Narbada afterwards and told her not to go to the police.
Food and feeding habits of Labeo fimbriatus (Bloch) in river Narbada near Hoshangabad.
Together with his friend Animananda, another Hindu convert to Catholicism, Upadhyay established a Catholic ashram on the banks of the Narbada River modeled after the Hindu ashram, "through which he attempted to integrate the spirit of ancient Christian monasticism with the traditional structures and ascetic life-styles of Hindu ashrams.
The fate of Narbada Dam in India was sealed on the initiative of NGOs, for instance.