facial tissue

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fa′cial tis`sue

a soft, disposable paper tissue.
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Noun1.facial tissue - tissue paper suitable for use on the facefacial tissue - tissue paper suitable for use on the face
tissue paper, tissue - a soft thin (usually translucent) paper
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In the new study, the researchers provide the first evidence that it is possible to regenerate stem cells of the nasal tissue in mice, thus enlarging the population of adult stem cells.
We moved our focus to investigating immune responses in nasal tissue, which is where the body first encounters flu viruses 6 a kind of nasal border patrol," explains Wakim.
The device is designed to improve upon currently available products by providing steady, predictable and localized drug delivery over a full seven-day period, as well as mechanical support, to prevent nasal tissue scarring and inflammation post-FESS.
The premature nasal stenting exerts excessive force against the nasal tissue leading to excessive alar expansion and resulting in mega-nostrils.
Patches of cartilage grown from snippets of nasal tissue worked so well when implanted into the goats that a small group of people with knee injuries have now undergone the treatment with their own nasal cartilage, researchers report August 27 in Science Translational Medicine.
In addition, Healthy Wipes prevent pollutants and irritants from sticking to the nasal tissue to keep baby's nose clear and healthy.
The empty nose syndrome usually is defined by excessive loss of normal nasal tissue and loss of anatomic landmarks, which results in a widely patent airway with excessive crusting (ozena) and easy nasal bleeding and dryness of the nasal mucosa.
Upon testing nasal tissue samples from patients who had undergone surgery related to sinus problems, the researchers found none of the eleven supertasters had Pseudomonas bacteria in their tissues, whereas seven out of twenty non-tasters had infections.
It is easily applied with a cotton bud and penetrates the nasal tissue.
Some of the experiments were replicated in human sinus and nasal tissue removed from patients with and without sinusitis.
Brachycephalic dogs--those with snub or flat noses [Shih Tzus, English Boxers, French Bulldogs, Pekingese, Pugs and Boston Terriers] often snore because their nasal tissue vibrates when the air goes out," says Ursula Krotscheck, DVD, an assistant professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine.
Though simple nasal decongestant can be purchased without a medical prescription, unless it is used exactly as directed, people can become addicted to it, increasing their symptoms and destroying sensitive nasal tissue," said Dr Rehan Siddiqui, ENT Specialist, Zulekha Hospital Dubai.