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n. pl. nashi or na·shis



n, pl nashi or nashis
(Plants) another name for Asian pear
[Japanese: pear]
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Take Russia, where the Internet Research Agency and Nashi are just two organisations known to train and pay trolls to attack Putin's domestic and foreign enemies.
Additional Ceo Z P Nashik Near Trimbak Naka Gpo Road Nashi
Murphy, Thalgo, Nashi, Orly and more, will provide a boost to the beauty industry as a whole.
The director of the society, Majed bin Nashi Al-Enezi, hailed the selection of Tabuk as a location for holding the competition's semifinals.
Nick is regularly joined by fellow doctors Usman Majid, Sam Elwick, Remm Nashi, Haider Hussain, Nabeel Mughal, Adil Kasai and Jessica Talbot, plus upwards of 25 foundation dentists from the West Yorkshire Foundation Training Scheme at the Leeds Dental Institute, who receive on-thejob training.
The victims have been named as Abdullah Latif Faraj, Hamza Younis, Ahmed Na'im Ruwayi, Haidar Nashi Hassan, Samer Amer Musa, Zaid Yahya and Ali Hussein Shnaoua.
EVENING Spent with a Nashi martini at London's Sushi Samba restaurant watching the sun set.
Sujeitos obesos podem apresentar caracteristicas peculiares das suas estruturas que podem comprometer as funcoes do sistema estomatognatico; pode ser observado acumulo de gordura na lingua (Guimaraes, 2009; Nashi e colaboradores, 2007) e no trato respiratorio, contribuindo para circunferencia cervical aumentada e diminuicao da tensao das estruturas orais (Goncalves e Chehter, 2012; Bortolotti e Silva, 2005).
Felix Krawatzek dismantles the conflicts between regime and youth movements since the late perestroika period, arguing that finally the "political mobilization of youth was central for this authoritarian consolidation" (180) under Putin, since movements like Nashi (Ours) totally support antiqueer legislation, street sweeping, and restoring order with a strong regime aimed at reviving former Russian/Soviet greatness.
Fue en marzo de 2009 que otro informatico ruso, Konstantin Goloskokov, lider del grupo hacker Nashi, se adjudico tal ataque.
For example, in December 2011, the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi (means "ours") began organizing pro-Putin protests to counter the opposition's effort to mobilize protesters via Facebook and other social media.