native Canadian

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na′tive Cana′dian

1. a person born in Canada of American Indian or Inuit descent.
2. any person born in Canada.
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The work of the Indigenous cultures of America will be seen at three locations across the city: the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, Garrison Commons (adjacent to Fort York), and Planet IndigenUs at Harbourfront Centre.
Ultimately, the mobilization of Native Canadian soldiers was indeed primarily a national affair.
Casprowitz, a native Canadian, has opened or purchased 17 Sylvan franchisees in Canada and the western U.
This is a celebration of all that is Canada," said Keith Bellows, a native Canadian and editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler magazine.
Dave feels he's come full circle and has returned to his rightful status as a proud Native Canadian Loyalist; not only a part of whom he has become, it is a bold definition of who he is.
Ryan is a native Canadian who has been traveling the globe for Mercer over the past few years, and we are excited to welcome him back to Canada.
CHOICE Antiques Roadshow (8pm) Fiona Bruce, left, and the experts visit Aberystwyth Arts Centre, where objects up for valuation include a set of Native Canadian carvings and a 19th-century musical bird in a cage.
It is the last resting place of many famous people from the town's past such as William Fallows who was known as the "Father of the Tees" and Moses Carpenter, a native Canadian Indian who died during a visit to Middlesbrough as part of a travelling medicine show.
Native Canadian mezzo Marion Newman (Noodin-Kwe) came to the project with an already formidable reputation.
have chosen to highlight their work with the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, which "provides a supportive environment for Aboriginal people residing in the Greater Toronto Area through the delivery of client-centred services enabling them to live independently in their homes.
However, a Native Canadian tribe believes the animal is a reincarnation of their dead leader, and demand it remain where it is.
He is an Inuit from Eastern Canada, an expert in arthroscopic surgery who teaches other Native Canadian doctors.