First Nations

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First Nation

n. Canadian
An organized aboriginal group or community, especially any of the bands officially recognized by the Canadian government.

First Nations adj.
Usage Note: First Nation is widely used in Canada as a respectful alternative to Indian, much as Native American is in the United States. However, the two terms are not exact equivalents. First Nation is essentially a political term used as a substitute for band in referring to any of the numerous aboriginal groups formally recognized by the Canadian government under the Indian Act of 1876. Unlike Native American, it is not a comprehensive ethnic term for all indigenous peoples of the Americas or even of Canada. While it is sometimes used loosely in referring to Indian groups other than those identified in the 1876 Act, it specifically does not include non-Indian peoples such as the Inuit or the Métis. · First Nation has no form for an individual who is a member of a qualifying group. Officially, such a person is known as a status Indian or in some cases a treaty Indian.

First′ Na′tions
the indigenous peoples of Canada.
Also called First′ Peo′ples.
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Canada has had a very bad track record of human rights and when it comes to the treatment of natives, most of the native Canadians suffer poor educational, economic and social conditions, and are among the poorest members of the Canadian society.
For King and Kanata provides an excellent overview of the mobilization of Native Canadians during World War I.
The unionists only won because native Canadians and English speakers in Montreal turned out in huge numbers.
com, a Website that shines the spotlight on Native Canadians and Native Americans.
In his show he aims to explain the survival techniques of these Native Canadians, as well as how prospectors in the gold rush used bushcraft to survive in the inhospitable but awesome landscape.
In partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada, a transition program for Native Canadians provides special support to ensure these students succeed.
The mission of the Kingsville Historical Park is to provide information for future generations pertaining to the sacrifices of the men and women in the military as well as the contributions of early settlers and native Canadians of Essex County.
Many disingenuously go on about how Native Canadians worshiped the land and worshiped all of its elements.
In 1960, of the 40,637 native Canadians enrolled in government schools, only 9,100 attended residential schools.
However, the final section of the book strikes a positive note, profiling some contemporary Native leaders who are working hard to improve life for Native Canadians.
There, along with native Canadians Dave Wardell and Mike Reading, they helped establish hazardous materials removal company, Phoenix Enterprises Ltd, in British Columbia.
Tapscott and Buxton are native Canadians, highlighting the return of the SLA Annual Conference to Canada for the first time in 10 years.