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 (nä′tä), Giulio 1903-1979.
Italian chemist. He shared a 1963 Nobel Prize for research on polymers.


(ˈnɑt tɑ)

Giulio, 1903–79, Italian chemist and engineer.
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Noun1.Natta - Italian chemist noted for work on polymers (1903-1979)
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Ziegler Natta catalysts still dominate the Polypropylene Catalyst Market with Metallocene Catalysts set to register the fastest growth rate in the market during 2015-2020"
The Keltan ACE technology is capable of producing polymers with identical polymer characteristics to their Ziegler Natta counterparts and, consequently, identical compound and vulcanizate properties.
ILike is a great application across many social networks and we expect to extend that," Van Natta said during a conference call with reporters.
News Corp named Mr Van Natta as CEO in April, replacing Chris DeWolfe who was one of MySpace's co-founders.
The move comes less than two months after Beverly Hills-based MySpace appointed a new chief executive, Owen Van Natta, a former executive from rival Facebook.
Simpson, 52, was beaten to the gold medal by Jamie Van Natta of the United States, who won the final by just two points and clinched the title with three straight 10s on her last three arrows.
Though they are more than competently done, neither A Woman In Charge, Bernstein's biography, nor another new one, Her Way, by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta, has the emotional force to convey a sense of this woman.
Alison Van Natta, aged 31, had her work spotted while having a coffee in the theatre's cafe.
The history of presidential golf, as told by New York Times reporter Don Van Natta, is an entertaining, informative, and revealing tale.
Tonight the Discovery Times Channel premieres ``First Off the Tee,'' a documentary based on Don Van Natta Jr.
Among the offerings this year are First Off The Tee: Presidential Hackers, Duffers and Cheaters From Taft to Bush, by Don Van Natta Jr.